Multifunction Slimming machine

Negative pressure wireless head,Accelerate fat burning and reshape body shape and face shape, radio frequency hits internal fat, accelerates cell wall heating, and burns fat.

40K fat blaster,Blast fat, effectively consume calories and cell moisture, reduce fat cells, and effectively remove fat.

Six poles firming head Promote the proliferation of collagen in the subcutaneous tissue, reduce protein loss, lift and tighten the skin of the body, long-term anti-aging.

Four-pole firming head massages the face to promote ollagen,Proliferate and stimulate, replenish lost protein, lift and tighten skin, and restore body skin elasticity. Three-pole firming head,Massage the eyes to increase collagen production and stimulate and replenish lost protein, improving and tightening facial skin Laser fat reduction board,Promote blood circulation by breaking down fat, accelerate metabolism to achieve weight loss effect.